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Located in Lucknow, Photography sells an exceptional range of modern and vintage camera equipment. From state-of-the-art digital cameras to film based models, we supply a range of lenses and camera accessories to aficionados and amateurs all across the capital. If you’re looking for some expert advice surrounding the best camera for your requirements, just drop us a line on +915222350695. Our technicians would be happy to lend their wisdom.

Expert Advice

When buying a new camera or looking to get into photography it’s always a good idea to gain some advice from one of the experts. Whether you’re going to be shooting family photos, moody stills or pictures of wildlife will determine what camera is best for you. Our camera technicians have many years of experience in their field and would happily pass on their wisdom to help you choose a camera that is best priced for you.

Range of Accessories

In addition to standard cameras our store also stock a multitude of camera accessories and paraphernalia. Whatever camera you possess we’ve got the goods to go with it. Whether it’s a highly specific lens or you’re simply looking for a new strap, a tripod or some casing equipment, we supply everything you need. If we can't get it, it’s not worth having. But we’ll happily order in any equipment or specialist film you require.

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